Echo 2005

Size: 5′ X 4′ X 6″ each, media: wood, paint, mixed

Critic Tom Patterson reviewed this particular series for the Winston-Salem Journal – November 2005:

“In each case she employs a palette limited to flat black and a single contrasting high-key color, which is accented by chalk lines and marks. Each painting contains a different configuration of silhouetted human figures…along with occasional silhouetted animals and vegetation. These images of living, active figures are juxtaposed with their dead counterparts – x-ray-like images of human skeletons. The latter serve as reminders of the connection between our mortality and the mundane activities that we carry out each day. The theme of mortality is emphasized by the chalklike strike marks on the paintings’ black wood frames as well as some of their attached objects. These marks signify the passage of time, hinting at life’s eventual end.”

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