A Unique Cultural Background

Rosie and her Echo series

Rosie and her Echo series

Rosie’s art is informed by her cultural background, world travels, and metaphysical explorations.

As the fourth of 11 children, Rosie Thompson was born in Ybor City, the Latin Quarter of Tampa, Florida.

Her multicultural ancestry was Lebanese, Native American, and English. Rosie’s maternal Lebanese grandmother had a dry goods store in Ybor City, manufactured under-garments, raised ten children , was a wonderful story teller, and continued to weed her flower garden — even as she was going blind. Rosie’s paternal  grandmother was a Native American who practiced herbal medicine, was a midwife, farmed, fished, chopped her own wood, while raising eleven children.

Rosie’s work has also been informed by her diverse cultural heritage which includes Cuban, Spanish, Italian, and Anglo influences. All these experiences are melded together by her parochial education, customs, and traditions in the Latin Quarter.

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