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Rosie Thompson Mixed Media Artist

Rosie Thompson Mixed Media Artist

Rosie Thompson, has been recognized as a mixed media artist who has transitioned over the years from cast metal anthropomorphic  forms, sewn vacated humanoid forms (implanted with electronics), sewn colorful transparent forms, and  large scale shamanistic installations (site and context specific) and constructions which she continues today. Her mixed media work involves contrasting materials that she uses as metaphors for her mixed ancestries, cultural traditions, and contrasting energies therein. The form that emerges charges the metaphysical field in a Shamanistic manner.

Rosie notes, “The content in my work deals with the balancing of contrasting energies, such as sensory/extra sensory, and concrete/ephemeral to arrive at a harmonious equilibrium. The process involves using mixed media materials that are metaphors for my mixed contrasting ancestries, cultural traditions, and metaphysical explorations. The form in my work changes from year to year. But the iconography developed in time has become a language of fusion that celebrates the “oneness” of the personal and universal in our human experience.”

About Transformational Journeys

This shamanistic work — “Transformative Journey”, 4′ X 8′ X 3″, wood, paint, photo applique — viewed below — involves spirit signaling through photos, honoring through inclusion, and clarifying through visual verification. Although this work is referentially personal in form, I feel the personal is the universal. We are all universally linked in life and through ancestral connections.

Size: 4′ X 8′ X 3″, Materials: wood, paint, photo appliques

This self-portrait work was exhibited in 2019 at Guilford College Art Gallery in the “Twelve Places- Redux” Exhibit. It was a celebration of the 40th Anniversary of the 1st “Twelve Places” Exhibit at Center/Gallery, a Feminist Art Gallery founded in 1977, and located in Chapel Hill, NC.

“Twelve Places” exhibited 12 portraits/installations or works by Center/Gallery Women Artists. “Twelve Places- Redux” had the available original Women Artists who invited “next generation” Women Artists to participate in the Exhibit.

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